Fans release new footage of an unofficial Resident Evil Code: Veronica remake currently being developed to play similarly to other remakes.

  By Jared Carvalho

  Published May 18, 2021


  code veronica remake

  As Capcom takes a break from remaking older?Resident Evil titles and focuses on the new development of?Village, some fans have taken it upon themselves to give the remake treatment to another classic game. This is where the?Resident Evil Code: Veronica fan remake comes in to cover an often passed over game in the series, though it might won’t be coming with the bells and whistles of the newer?Resident Evil engine.

  The fan remake itself is still early in development and being that it isn’t an official release from either a major or indie developer, it might be a while until it fully releases. Likewise, being that this is an unofficial project produced by fans, this new version of?Resident Evil Code: Veronica?might not have everything that players hope to see from one developed by Capcom directly.

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  This new remake is specifically looking to take a similar approach to the gameplay as previous?Resident Evil remakes have, most notably with an over the shoulder camera that follows the player through a 3D environment. Seeing that the removal of the fixed camera and tank controls stands out as one of the strongest aspects of the remakes among the community, this is an obvious choice for a fan to look at recreating. However, there will be a second game mode available in this Resident Evil Code: Veronica remake, which locks the camera in place for fans of the original experience of the earlier parts of the series.


  Another key aspect that the?Resident Evil Code: Veronica fan remake focuses on is the recreation of the original’s Tyrant T-078, which appears to work similarly to some of the most iconic enemies in recent titles. Not much information on this enemy has been shared yet, but the website dedicated to the remake suggests that it might chase players like?Resident Evil’s stalking giants like Lady Dimitrescu, Mr. X, or Jack Baker. Regardless of whether the Tyrant T-078 acts more like Nemesis or Mr. X, it is still an important part of the game and fans will be pleased to know that there is a level of focus on the boss as development continues.


  While there certainly is demand from fans for an updated?Resident Evil Code: Veronica remake, a project like this is likely to have some trouble during development. This trouble could specifically come from legal issues between the fan-led development and Capcom, which owns the game that is being recreated. So, fans excited to see this fan remake find release might want to be quick to grab it up when they can, especially if the finished product continues to look as good as the footage already shared so far.

  Resident Evil Code: Veronica is available now for Dreamcast, GameCube, PS2, PS3, PS4, and Xbox 360.


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