﹛﹛Give yourself an extra challenge by finishing the game without operating any vehicles.

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﹛﹛Halo Master Chief and Grunt Combat Evolved

﹛﹛Halo: Combat Evolved not only refined what we thought of first-person shooters, but it also defined what video games could be.?Following the release of Halo 3, Bungie unveiled seven Vidmaster achievements that, upon completion, would unlock the coveted Recon armor set for multiplayer.

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﹛﹛Making the game significantly harder for yourself became extremely popular. Though a good amount of the game’s identity is derived from its unique arsenal of weaponry and vehicles (with the latter having entire mission areas structured around them), it would be?quite a challenge to complete any of the games without stepping foot in a vehicle. Get ready to walk, because here are 10 tips for beating the games without driving.


﹛﹛Halo Reach plasma grenade Elite

﹛﹛Aside from the latter portion of the final mission in Halo 3, where the player?is unable to escape on foot, most missions can be completed without a vehicle.?Since your mobility has been greatly hindered by your inner masochist, traversing the tumultuous environments can get very challenging very quickly. Make sure to collect as many grenades as you can carry, either by restraining yourself to use them in appropriate situations or by killing enemies and looting them.

﹛﹛Grenades?can greatly impact a combat scenario if used correctly and in the appropriate situations. Understand each grenade type, how long to cook them for, and where to best place them.

﹛﹛Before the release of Halo 3, Chief was able to carry up to three grenades, but this was then altered to balance the implementation of four grenade types (Plasma, Spike, Firebomb, and Frag). Once Halo 3: ODST dropped, this number was then altered again to fit one more grenade into your inventory. To make matters even more confusing, Halo 4 introduced the Forerunner enemy type?with their own tech. The point is that you need to understand what’s available to you and use them sparingly.

﹛﹛halo 3 Master Chief shooting Grunts

﹛﹛If?a player is trying to complete these games on any difficulty, especially Heroic and Legendary,?they to be completely aware of the surroundings. This includes cover locations, checkpoints, enemy spawns, enemy types, and most of all, enemy vehicles.

﹛﹛When talking about enemy vehicles, the previous tip on grenades becomes all the more relevant. Ghosts, Brute Choppers and the like are more than manageable. On tougher difficulties, enemies will make more of an attempt to run you down if you’re not in a vehicle of your own, but if you remain aware and understand where to go, when to jump, and at what time to shoot, you’ll find yourself reaching checkpoints like a pro.

﹛﹛On any difficulty, however, Wraiths become a serious threat as one plasma mortar shot can spell your end. Though rather slow and hefty, getting anywhere near these hulking mechanical beasts could be deadly. Fortunately, if you’re prepared and time its mortar shots properly, you can diminish the distance between yourself and the Wraith to then hop on top of it and plant your grenades. Make sure to take out the gunner before closing in on the kill position. Knowing when and where to take cover will save you from many restart checkpoints.


﹛﹛Halo Grunt Enemy type

﹛﹛Within the specifics of Halo’s profound sci-fi lore live a vast universe of different alien, celestial, and parasitic races, who are more often than not extremely aggressive and?ticked off.?To succeed in any campaign across the series, one must understand their enemy from the inside out.

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﹛﹛The Covenant, in the earlier games, are your main threat. They come in all shapes and sizes, but remain deadly across the board. Play a few casual runs, memorize which enemies spawn at certain locations, and prepare appropriate weaponry to then deal with that threat. Grunts are a rather trivial enemy, but don’t get too confident with some of the other species like the elites or Hunters. If you’re one to charge a Hunter with a pistol, maybe stop and rethink your priorities. No one said this was gonna be easy.

﹛﹛Halo Combat Evolved Difficulty Selection

﹛﹛Sure, everyone understands the difficulty tree when it comes to games. You have your typical easy, medium, and hard with the occasional very hard mode for the truly devoted. In Halo, players have the option of Easy, Normal, Heroic, or Legendary. Bungie even offered the opportunity to make your games even more interesting with the addition of skulls. Repeated playthroughs of the campaign for each game are made all the more fun and justifiable when there are tiny, hidden skulls to find and collect across the entire mission list.

﹛﹛These skulls, when activated, can be as ridiculous as confetti explosions when killing grunts accompanied by a child’s “HURRAY!” sound effect, to as challenging as restarting from a previous checkpoint in co-op when one player dies.

﹛﹛One of the high-profile Vidmaster achievements titled “Anniversary,” required a team of four co-op partners to complete the final mission of Halo 3 on Legendary difficulty with the iron skull activated (forcing you to restart at the previous checkpoint as soon as one player dies) and everyone in Ghosts. For the purposes of these tips, that challenge doesn’t apply, but it gives you a decent understanding of the kind of challenge you could face. The harder difficulties demand concentration and memorization to master, so be prepared to die…a lot.


﹛﹛Halo 4 plasma pistol ghost

﹛﹛The plasma pistol may not be your first choice when tackling your alien opponents, but it becomes an absolute necessity when faced with many enemy vehicles. When fully charged, this tiny blaster turns into a tank-stopping fiend.

﹛﹛Since you’re restricted to no vehicles, disabling the enemy’s could buy you some more time to either escape or destroy them. Remember, enemy vehicles don’t sit still waiting for you to blast them to kingdom come. Take your time, charge up your blaster, and don’t miss.

﹛﹛halo 2 Master Chief Sniper Rifle

﹛﹛The previous tip introduces this next one effortlessly. You can’t reach that next checkpoint without having good aim. Chief might be a super-human soldier, but he can still take a beating on higher difficulties.

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﹛﹛In newer entries in the series, the developers try to appeal more towards a casual audience by implementing the aiming down sights feature previously unseen. Still, it’s good practice to make sure that your aim is on point because the last thing you want is to be stuck in a combat scenario with very little ammo.


﹛﹛Halo Combat Evolved Pistol Halo Ring

﹛﹛You’re going to die. A lot. It’s guaranteed. There are some sections across several of the games that are designed specifically around vehicular combat. It’s probably pretty tough going against what the developers intended.

﹛﹛Be persistent and keep your eye on the end goal. If you need to take a break, do so, then come back ready to tackle that hurdle yet again!

﹛﹛Halo 3 ODST firefight silenced rifle

﹛﹛This can serve as a double entendre of sorts. When one gets frustrated, it’s best to submit to the challenge for the time being and to take a mental break. On the flip side, tackling combat scenarios is the most important aspect of this challenge. Knowing which enemies to take out first is essential, but it’s also good practice to understand when to back down or avoid.

﹛﹛Since most of Halo’s levels allow for many instances of verticality and off-the-beaten-path routes, try to divert away from potentially dangerous encounters when you don’t have to encounter them in the first place!


﹛﹛Halo Combat Evolved Assault Rifle

﹛﹛Halo: Combat Evolved included some of the series’ most expansive and open?environments. Without the use of vehicles, you’re looking at a decent amount of time wasted walking from one area to the next.

﹛﹛Plan ahead, memorize where mission locations are, and pick the safest route possible. If you’re confident, minimize that time and go for the shorter path.

﹛﹛Halo Combat Evolved Master Chief AI

﹛﹛Though this might seem like a rather cruel tip, it will most likely keep you alive to reach that next checkpoint. The AI in Halo can get a little janky at times (especially when they’re behind the wheel), so it’s best to let them Rambo out there, distract, and maybe even kill as many enemies as possible before dying.

﹛﹛That’s your cue to hustle out there, grab their gear and finish off the herd. On higher difficulties, this is practically essential.

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