Sexy Beach: Premium Resort has fun in the sun, fishing and frolicking.

  Warning: This article contains content some readers might find objectionable.

  This is the latest entry in the adults-only Sexy Beach series. These games have been made for years, and they’re not mainstream by any means. They do have their following, and this time, Japanese erotic PC game maker Illusion has created an open-world experience.

  Via Maxell (NSFW) and Illusion (ditto), let’s have a look at the next generation of Sexy Beach:


  This points out that the game is “open world.” The text also reads, “Welcome! To an unrestricted paradise!” I hope that means there are no invisible walls. I hate those restrictions.


  So, like many open world games, you can look forward to lots of running. (But in sandals? Hardly sensible.)


  There we go. Better shoes for running.


  Look at all these different locations! All four of them!


  You can customise and dress up in-game characters.


  You can fight the locals with giant, squeaky hammers.


  Shopping for swimwear.


  You can shoot water guns at floating dolphins. As one does.




  Pole dancing.


  The in-game items, however, seem slightly different.


  You can search for treasure, too. Then, there’s this:


  Boy, Japan sure has gotten strict!


  (Kidding! Yes, Kotaku added way more pixel blur to these images.)


  (This, too. Apologies!)


  Sexy Beach: Premium Resort will be out in Japan this September for 8800 yen ($95).