resident evil 4

  Over the last two years, Capcom has seen successfully remaking some of their classic Resident Evil titles to much success, especially in the case of Resident Evil 2. So it was somewhat not entirely surprising (though a tad surprising) when reports came out that Capcom was going ahead with a remake of the beloved Resident Evil 4. The game is one of the most influential and acclaimed titles of all time, leading to much speculation about what exactly Capcom was going to do here. Well, it seems as if there’s been at least some rearranging, as well as an internal delay.

  VGC, who were the first to report on the remake, have now said that the remake’s development has been overhauled and partially rebooted. Capcom’s internal Division 1, which traditionally does the mainline Resident Evil and Devil May Cry games, will take the reigns. The original lead development team, M-Two, was originally doing the bulk of development.

  According to the report, it came due to disagreements between Capcom and M-Two about the direction of the remake. Though Resident Evil 3 was overall successful and met studio expectations, the lukewarm reception to it led M-Two to pushing for a more 1:1 remake for their next project, whereas Capcom wanted bigger changes. This has led to their role being significantly reduced and an internal delay from a planned 2022 release to 2023.

  Of course, as always with these types of reports, one has to take it all with a grain of salt. However, due to the recent massive Capcom data leak, we know a Resident Evil 4 remake of some kind is definitely in the works. If this is accurate, it sounds like Capcom has some pretty radical changes in mind for the remake, but it also sounds like it’ll be a good while before we see whatever that looks like.