League of Legends: Wild Rift’s season three is coming soon.

  An official release date for the MOBA’s third season hasn’t been revealed. But, it should begin shortly after the ongoing season two ends. Season two is expected to end in the first week of July, with the likely date being July 1. This article will be updated when an official release date is announced.

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  Season three will also last three months, until early October.

  With the new season, players’ ranks will be reset and a new Wild Pass will drop into the game. Riot Games confirmed in a recent dev diary, that the ranked reward for season three will be the Glorious Lulu skin.


  Season two introduced the Wild Pass into the game. It contains 50 levels of rewards that players must advance through by completing missions. Riot said that it would be listening to players’ feedback and could make changes to the Wild Pass. The company will likely reveal these changes, if any, closer to the third season’s release.