Science fiction movies have always been a movie category that is loved by the public.The audience see the reality from the sci-fi movie.Can break the convention,It is definitely a one-way ring that stimulates everyone’s creative thinking.Although the influence of the epidemicMany of them are originally scheduled to be reflected in this year.But I will never affect the heart of the movie fan.Many classic movies have decided to renum,Let the audience have the opportunity to revisit the big screen,Includes “Blue Fear”, “Akira”, “MAD MAX”, etc.In order to let the audience who like the sci-fi movie have more choices,”Indiewire” also seals the best 40 sci-fi movies in history.Let the fans can be relieved!

  The leader of this list includes everyone familiar with Guillermo del Toro and Miyazaki.”Thousands of words”, “Pan’s Labyrinth”, “The Lord of the Rings”, “The Wizard of Oz”, is famous for people familiar with people.

  Complete list:

  1.”The Seventh Seal” (seventh seal)

  2.”Thousands of words”

  3.”The wizard of oz” (green wild fairy)

  4.”Being John Malkovich” (becomes John Malcovic)

  5.”雨 月 物” “

  6.”Beauty and the beast” (beautiful woman and beast) (1946)

  7.”Pan’s Labyrinth” (Pan God Maze)

  8.”Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives” (can recall the Bremen uncle’s uncle)

  9.”The Lord of the rings: The fellowship of the ring” (refers to the ring king 1: the magic ring reproduction)

  10.”GROUNDHOG DAY” (Day)

  11.”It’s a wonderful life” (more beautiful life)

  12.”Dragon Cat”

  13.”虎 藏龙”

  14.”Who Framed Roger Rabbit” (Who is in a rabbit Roger)

  15.”Edward Scissorhands” (Scissors Hand Edward)

  16.”Orpheus” (Ofs)

  17.”The red shuary”

  18.”BIG” (grew up)

  19.”A little princess” (small princess)

  20.”King Kong” (1933) (King Kong)

  twenty one.”The Holy Mountain” (Holy Mountain)

  twenty two.”The Princess Bride” (Princess Bride)

  twenty three.”THIEF OF Bagdad” (Moon Palace Box)

  twenty four.”Kwaidan” (no talk)

  25.”THE City of Lost Children” (Tong Dream Soul Night)

  26.”A Matter of Life and Death” (life and death)

  27.”Mary Poppins” (Happy Man)

  28.”A Christmas carol” (Christmas carol)

  29.”Princess of the Ghost”

  30.”The nevending story” (big magic domain)

  31.”The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers” (Northern King 2: Shuangtai)

  32.”ALADDIN” (Aladdin) (1992)

  33.”EXcalibur” (Dark Era)

  34.Scott Pilgrim vs. The world “(child Scott anti-world)

  35.”Jumanji” (Brave Game) (1995)

  36.”Coraline” (ghost mother)

  37.”THE PURPLE ROSE OF Cairo” (Cairo Zi Rose)

  38.”Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban” (Harry Potter and Azkatan Prisoners)

  39.”A ghost story” (ghost life)

  40.”Enter the void”