[August 25, 2019 English-Day33]

  [East China Normal University – Lin Sen writing]

  Welcome to[100-day English],I am Lin Sen,A English teacher who focuses on cultivating English output capabilities,Today is[33th day of Chinese English].Updated 7 o’clock a day,Let’s see the exercises yesterday.See you is right.

  [Day32]Advice: After class practice

  (1) It is important for me to satisfy her.

  What Is Important to Me Is To Satisfy Her.

  (2) Attractive me is your hair.

  What is attractive to me is your hair.

  (3) In this case,The most suitable practice is to dismiss several employees.

  What Is Reasonable in this situation is to lay off some employees.

  Yesterday’s courses we pass two articles,I have learned the WHAT-guided noun sentences that have been used.If you haven’t seen it yet,Interested, you can pay attention.Today we have to learn is a very fun part of English – comparison level.

  [Day33]: You have completed the faster,The greater the return you get.

  The sooner you finish, The Greater Your Reward.

  This sentence is used in describing the top 5G competition.The fastering who is completed in 5G preparations.Who will get the hand with orders,The returns are of course bigger.Huawei is prematurely completing 5G technology development,Make it a absolute advantage,Really happy.

  Be prepoud of somebody. Take someone.

  Today we have to learn the comparison class “The + comparison level, The + comparison level “.For example, in today’s subject sentences,The sooner. , The Greater. Instead, I learned that everyone is already familiar with BIG.Bigger,Biggest.

  (1) Application of “THE + Comparative Level”

  1 the + comparison level, THE + comparison: more . . more .

  [Exampleiction “

  The sooner, The better. The sooner the better.

  This sentence is very representative.But if the THE is not a simple comparison level,Still add to the subject or verb,What should the structure be?

  2 the + comparison stage + noun, THE + comparison + noun

  [Exampleiction “

  The Greater The pressure, THE HIGHER THE TEMPERATURE. The greater the pressure,The higher the temperature.

  This sentence is more than referring to the physical phenomenon,For example, the pressure of the Earth Center is the greatest.Temperature is also the highest.This sentence is actually saying the state of our people.Our own work, the greater the pressure of life,The worse mood,The easier it is.Therefore, if the pressure on work is can’t hide,It is necessary to pay attention to adjust the mood.Also give an example.

  [Exampleiction “

  The Greater Your Expectations, The Greater Your Disappointment.

  Expect, the greater,The greater the disappointment.

  3 The + comparison stage + subject + verb, THE + comparison + subject + verb

  [Exampleiction “

  The more you learn, The Less you know.

  The more you have learned,Feel the less you know.

  [Exampleiction “

  The Less You Buy, The more you save.

  The less you bought,The more you save.

  (2) after class exercises

  (1) The more income,The more expenses.

  (2) The more simple and better.

  (3) I love her,The more happiness I will.

  Reference vocabulary:

  1. Income

  2. Expenditure

  (3)[Stem + Acquisure]overcome the core vocabulary

  [Today words]

  Temperature n. temperature

  Expediture n. expenditure

  [Stem Temper]means “Time or Time Phenomenon”,See “100 Day English Day30” for details.

  【词 p,Pens, Pond]means “said weigh weight,Silver, “Quote “spending”

  Expend V cost (EX out + Pend = spend money out)

  Expediture N expenditure,Exped + iture

  Extribive a expensive (ex + Pens + Ive = = expensive)

  Pension N annuity,Pension (Pens + Ion = spending with heart)

  Compensate v compensation,Repaid (COM all + Pens + ATE = spending money[get back]= compensation)

  Recompense V / N Report,Review (RE back + Compense remuneration = return)

  Dispense V Assignment,Delivery (DIS separate + pense = separately cost = allocation,Delivery[property])

  [Suffix – TURE]gauge,Usually used at the end of the word or the root,Represents “general state,Behavior “. ature”,”Iture”

  Expenditure N expenditure (Expend)

  Miniature N small portrait,MINI small)

  Legislature N legislature (Legis law + LAT brings + URE)

  Fracture n fracture,Fracture (FRACT break)

  Conjecture N estimated (CON Common + Ject throwing . guess together)

  [Recommended reading]

  My brain “Watt (What)”Eight sentences in the sentence in the sentence

  What?Not only to do questions,Master the use of what is named by WHAT

  [Tomorrow forecast]I often do something often

  About[after class exercises],The sentences exercised after the day of the day have little words,Basically, I know the words written.I will make a prompt, I will make a prompt.That is to avoid everyone in writing,Become the words a barrier.The purpose is to learn expression.

  About 【词】】The last section of the day is the root affix memory method,Through a word, a string of words.Everyone can use this way to back words.There are not many things you want to remember every day.Because of correlation,So it will be easy,It takes 10 minutes a day.The time and gain used by learning English must be proportional.Trust me,Also believe in yourself.

  Welcome everyone to comment,Write the answer,I will reply to everyone in time.If[100-day English]is interested,Just come[Focus]I.Daily lesson,Teach you to learn English easily.


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