Blackpink’s “Chanel” Jennie VS EXO’s “Human Gucci” kai,In the war of the heart of Ze Generation,What does K-POP idol do truly to luxury brands?

  BTS’s V and BlackPink Jennie has been known as “humanity Gucci”,But now Jennie, sudden change in the brand, Jennie, is called “Chanel”.


  Gucci recently sent a coffee cart for Kai,The recipient is its new “human Gucci” – acknowledging that the idol is the “humanity Gucci” of the brand hopes.Almost the same title,No wonder,Between the two have passed a gossip,Although fans have a bit unfortunate, I have not seen a good ending.But everyone has their own choice!

  What does K-POP idol do truly to luxury brands?

  When EXO’s KAI,One of the most successful K-POP singers in history,When he recently released his same name EP,Gucci sent a coffee cart with his team.This Italian fashion brand wants to ensure that its most striking brand ambassador’s caffeine content is guaranteed.


  There are two banners on the shopping cart,A written: “Congratulations to Gucci,Kai,His first personal album!Please taste delicious.”The second is simply:” Gucci fully supports GUCCI KAI.”

  When there is a vision like Gucchi, the ambassador is called its unique human avatar – that is, “humanity Gucci” – this is not just a promise sign.It proves to the world,KAI has become a living version represented by the brand – another self.


  As part of Gucci 2020 cruise series,The brand has made a video with KAI,Show the self-discovery tour of this K-POP superstar,It is found and expressed in different situations.April 2021,Gucci launched the first series of Kai.This is another typical vintage style of the brand.Features Teddy bear in Kai childhood.Symbolizing childhood relaxed interpersonal relationships.

  This series sensationals the world.Kai shows excellent fashion sensibility.His charming style created from Seoul to Shanghai,From Tokyo to Los Angeles,From New York to Paris.


  Due to the unprecedented hype of kai,The label Humangucci is popular on all social media platforms.however,This phrase is previously used to describe other famous fans from the head to the foot.It is worth noting thatBefore Kai became Human Gucci,Jennie, BTS V and BlackPink, who is the Korean superstar, is unforgettable “humanity Gucci”,Because the two often wear Guc Chi’s costumes,Even known as Gucchi’s “King” and “Qiu”.

  but,The two seem to turn to Chanel,And was collocated with the title of “Chanel” in the world.South Korea media wrote: “Although V is often called ‘human Gurch’,But it seems that V is also a chance to bring opportunities to Chanel products.”


  Jennie signed the official model of this French luxury brand, Muse and the image ambassador,From “Human Dangdu” to “Chanel”.Thereafter,Jennie is actively sharing her love to Chanel on social media with 45 million fans.In many of her posts,She is holding Chanel’s handbag,Wearing Chanel skirts and other accessories.Given her popularity and millions of young fans,Jennie’s post has a tremendous impact on Chanel’s most desire to contact Z generation consumers.


  and so,This is not just the war between “human Gucci” and “Chanel”,Who is the real “Chanel of the world”.This battle highlights the importance of “humanity Gucci” and “human Chanel” for their respective brands.Because they will not only help improve brand awareness and promote sales.Moreover, it has also laid a key to the brand.South Korea’s popular superstar is our fashion idol in this era.It is some of the most popular, most fashionable, and most admired.Obviously,It has produced a huge impact in the young audience.


  This also highlights,Even the highest-end luxury brands such as Chanel,Exposure to social media has also become critical.Although some well-known luxury brands are still skeptical about social media,Frequently claimed that buyers and social media fans may not overlap,But Jennie and Kai said,Powerful online image helps to establish desires and visits to their own brands,Far beyond the traditional audience.


  However, Jennie has also highlighted a risk from the transformation of “humanity Gucci” to “human Chanel”.When the brand ambassador cannot stay loyal or support multiple brands for a long time,It is likely to be confused,Fans may also sway between different brands loyalty.This also explains why Gucchi is now actively promoting KAI to become “humanity Gucci”.Bundle him forever with your own series.


  Z generation is already the most influential luxury brand consumer group,By 2030,They will also become the first consumer group.Since people’s preferences are formed in the early days,Therefore, there is a “humanity Gucci” or “human Chanel” will help to consolidate the choice of these brands.Korea pop music is not only one of the most successful music types in recent years.Its aesthetics will also affect the aesthetics of luxury goods in the next ten years.Just like hip hop to affect the style of luxury brands in the past decade.

  all in all

  Gucci vs Chanel: This is not a problem that is,It is the brand to successfully establish contact with their youngest audience (which is the future consumers).With more and more brands inevitably join this trend,We may soon hear the new name of Louis Vuitton (Dior Louis Vuitton), Dior (Dior Dior) or Prada (Human Bada).


  At this point,Brands also need to be careful.Extreme value creation depends on innovation,But this is also considered destructive.More similar practices may have helpless contact with the Z generation.We will need a different creative method,And I dare to affirm,We will see many excellent examples.The future has begun!