Editor’s Note: This article is first in the Reddit Forum R / ETHEREUM sector, which is called LiberOSist.Call the community hot discussion,It also inspired the community dialectical look at “critical perspective” for Ether work.This article only represents the author’s personal point of view,ECN is only compiled.

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  Some of the common criticisms of the Equity,I will also provide my personal opinion.These criticisms are full of misunderstandings, fuds and lies,I hope this article can encourage everyone to criticize.Obtain accurate information personally.If you have other questions,Please leave a comment.If you don’t agree with this article,I also accept,I have also expressed my own point of view.of course,If it doesn’t match the facts or has an negligence,I will also fix my own point.

  Special thanks to the friends of R / Ethfinance to collect problems.

  This is obviously wrong point of view,Because the current line has a number of rollups,Some of them have run a year!For example, LoopRing


  Loopring Road Printing is an open, based on the multilateral transaction agreement between the ERC20 and intelligent contracts.Through this agreement,You can establish a transaction application that detritions and does not require asset hosted and freezing.see more,, ZKSYNC, DEVERSIFI, HERMEZ


  Hermezhermez is a ZK summary,Focus on extended payment and token transfer #ethereum.See more, AZTEC, DYDX


  DYDX has the largest detrimentary leverage trading platform. See more and Immutable X, etc.Most of these projects can pass through very low GAS fees,Tie thousand TPS,Some of these projects can also subsidize (or reduce the GAS fees for the user experience).

  The current lack of general programmable ROLLUPS.Optimism since January


  Optimism Emperor Layer2 expansion solution See more often in the main network,But currently only Synthetixysynthetix is based on the Etiquette of the Tanfang.see more


  UNISWAP is based on the Equalian Currency Exchange Protocol View more V3,Open public intelligent contract deployment in July or later.by the way,This year Optimism does not agree with communication.Therefore, criticism is taken for granted.Whether it is not a project,Communication and public relations are always important.

  But Optimism is just one of the solutions.This year, ZKSYNC 2 will be launched this year.0, Arbitrum and StarkNet, etc.Omgx and Cartesi will also join competition.In fact,Now it seems,Arbitrum will be put into use before Optimism.Never use side chains or commitchain,Polygon, XDAI


  XDaixdai is a PoA network and Makerdao jointly launched compatible EVM’s Etheriquarium side chain.See more or other EVM chains,Such as BSC or Avalanche


  The old name of the Avalancheavalanche (Avax) project is called AVA / AVA,Is an open source platform,Applications used to start highly decentralization,New financial primitives and new interoperable block chains.see more.finally,All of this will become part of the Ecosystem after the expansion.

  at the same time,This view also has a part of the fact.What I want to point out is thatThe GAS fee of Taiquian L1 may always be high,Because lack of technical support that is not existent.Even for Rollup,Before the fragmentation is released,GAS fee will not drop very low level,This will be achieved for a few years.Even if it is possible,It does not meet long-term needs.In addition,The EVM block space still has a very large demand.

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  This strange point of view is very wide in the encrypted currency circle.But there is no basis for this point of view.Can a product have excessive demand cause it to fail?The price of the graphics card has been protected from it.So whether AMD and NVIDIA will be eliminated soon?

  The answer is of course negative,The reality is thatAs mentioned above,EVM block space demand is very large,The GAS supply is limited.Currently,High GAS fees have shown that the space demand for the E-Square L1 block is very large.People are willing to pay high princes.

  over time,The GAS supply will gradually increase.GAS costs will also fall – from the perspective of reality,The block space supply never meets the demand for global EVM block space.There will be a mixed solution such as Rollups, Zkporter / Validium, and a side chain / alternative chain and centralization solution.The entire Emperor Ecosystem will work together.Different weighing in terms of decentralization and transaction costs.

  Although Vitalik is still an important part of the Emperor Ecosystem,But over time,The development of Tanfri has become sufficient to go to the center.The uniqueness of Tanfang is a variety of clients.The research and developers create easy-to-understand specifications.then,A number of independently working client developers will apply specifications.This is different from all other block chain projects,Because the latter develops a single client by the core team.of course,Some people now support a single client – focus on all resources in a client.This way the customer can be higher than the other 4, 5 independent clients,However, develop multi-client is obviously the most centralized approach.E.g,At present, the Tanfri has four consensus clients.There is also one in development,All of these client developer teams are outside of funding,Both are independent of the Etiquette Foundation.For any consensus upgrade,These five development teams must agree,Then more than 135,000 verification nodes are also updated.This is the opposite of the centralized network.Never use the powerful “Layer 0” in Taiquian,That is, the Taiquian community,All developers and verification nodes are involved.For example, EIP-1559 is largely driven by the district.

  Q: Take the Emperor Tanfront takes a previvation mechanism.Vitalik is controlling the Taihang Square?(From U / AAQY and U / EC265)

  I am not the fan of ICO,Although ICO is indeed in Email.I don’t like ninja mining.Such as bitcoin.We have seen some DEFI project fair online.These include airdrops to users,This is of course the best way to distribute the loop.

  However, it is important, however,We have to understand the background of the Emperor Ico at that time.This is the most fair fundraising method in 2014.After being created in Tanqu,The Etotou Foundation holds about 12 million Eth.However, come these years,Many ETHs are distributed,Many of them are used to raise funds.Just like the situation in Email.At present, the Emperor Fund and early developers hold up to 2% supply.Vitalik owned by ETH accounts for 0.3%.

  In contrast,The founders of other projects often hold 20% or more.For example, Tesla or Amazon and other listed companies,Zhong Xincheng


  Zhong this Cong Satoshi Nakamoto,Name-oriented Japanese,Bitcoin protocol and the creator of Bitcoin-QT,Real identity is unknown.See more Holding BTC


  BTC bitcoin is the first point-to-center point-to-point encrypted digital currency,It is also the first successful application of block chain technology.Digital gold is known.October 31, 2008,Satoshi Nakamoto Zhong Tong delivered a Bitcoin White Paper: a point-to-point electronic cash system Bitcoin: a peer-to-peer electronic cash system.January 3, 2009,Bitcoin Creative District Birth.Bitcoin issuance of 21 million,Algorithm SHA-256,Current block reward 6.25 BTC.See more than 5% of total (in 2009-2010,Its hold is more than 50%,But these bits are considered to be lost.So there is no comparability).So I will say,0.3% is not enough to fully motivate Vitalik to continue to develop Eti Square!

  Do I want to see Eth Currency Assignment is more fair?The answer is yes.But now,Compared with all other items,Etiquette is equited with the unparalleled coins.

  Although different mining mechanisms have indeed subtle differences,But this view is a certain degree of correct – the workload proves that the mining mechanism is very inefficient.In the next few months, Tai Wong will turn to the rights and interests.This will make the Energy consumption of the Equal Fang more than 99%.

  This is not just a power problem,We know that global semiconductors are severe shortage.Currently, many wafers with limited energy power is used to make mine cards.For example, ASIC and GPU,These resources can be reassigned as engineering, science, etc.of course,Can also be used to play games.

  People like to use DAO


  first of all,DAO is not rolled back.This is a special case.Attackers must wait 28 days to withdraw money,So the community has implemented the operation of changing the intelligent contract.

  Developers, users, miners and communities have reached a strong consensus – so it is difficult to say that rollback is a centralized decision.

  Those people who refuse rollback simply chose the classic of the Emperor.This is a win-win situation for everyone.

  At that time, Emperor is still a very very very new project.Do you know which project has rolled back in the birth of less than 2 years?See: Value overflow incident – Bitcoin Wiki

  For this purpose,The EIP-999 was refused to be the most powerful counterattack evidence.I have had the opportunity to return to the entity of the United States to manage one of the founders of the United States to roll back to 500,000 Eth,But the community strongly opposes this decision.Ethere will not have a rollback again.

  Although INFURA is indeed a dominant service provider,And the Equipment ecosystem must have diversified,But this is obviously a wrong point.In November 2020,Infura encountered a large-scale downtime,But the Tanfri has been working well.of course,This incident has caused interference to some front, exchanges and wallets.But as long as you run a node or use a different service provider,You can solve this problem.Since this downtime,Many front ends and wallets start running their own nodes,And use alternatives like Alchemy.Although I have to do a lot in this regard.But it is considered that the Equity Square relies on INFURA is an error point of view.

  Compared with Bitcoin,This is of course a correct point of view.If you want a block chain to retrore data in archive mode,Verify that each transaction of the creation of the creation area,Then Bitcoin is indeed a better choice.So how big is the value?If you want to use a Bitcoin network,Then you have trusted the miners.On the East,You can use 1TB SSD,Run the full node (non-archive node) on the fourth-generation Raspberry PI 4),Send and verify transactions.For most users and consumers,This is the hardware that is relatively easy to buy.Some people may say,Even if the archive node is running,It can also be easily achieved by clients like TurboGeth.