Brawlhalla is a free-to-play 2D RPG fighting game developed by Blue Mammoth Games and Vedanth Nag for the Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, Steam, iOS, and Android, with full cross-platform play. As of April 2021, the game has 53 playable characters known as ^Legends, ̄ each having its own set of stats, loadout, and cosmetic skins. The game gained popularity very quickly but still is enclosed with several errors. One of the errors in the game is the Brawlhalla Google play license error. If you¨re facing this error too and want to fix it, we have it all covered in this blog!

Brawlhalla Google play license error: How to fix it? Brawlhalla Google play license error: How to fix it?

Similar to Super Smash Bros., most Brawlhalla game variants object to knock one¨s opponent off the stage. This can be accomplished by repeatedly harming them. Damage is seen on the color display around the opponent¨s character icon, which progresses from white to red to black as the player is damaged. The closer the color is to red, the further the player will be knocked back till the game ends.

If a player is knocked off the stage, he or she will lose a life. The match is won by either the last player standing (the one who still has at least one life) or the player with the most points.

This is an issue with the Google Play app cache. A corrupt or missing cache in google play will result in this error in Brawlhalla.

Although there isn¨t anything much that can be done from our side, there are fixes that have worked for many users.

No official fixes have been given out by Google, but we have a few methods that will help you fix the error at your end.

Method 1: Clear Cache

Clearing the corrupt and misbehaving cache can fix the error.

First of all, go into Settings and then tap on `Apps¨ on your device.

After that, tap on the ^Google Play Store ̄ application item and tap on it.

Then, tap on ^Force Stop ̄ and then on the ^Storage ̄ option.

After that, tap on ^Clear Cache ̄ and ^Clear Data ̄ if active.

Turn off your mobile device for a couple of seconds and then plug it back in.

Restart the device and see if the error has been resolved.

Method 2: Logout and Login

A simple logout and login from your google account on google play can fix this error. Sometimes it is just a glitch and hence can go away with a fresh login.

We hope these 2 methods helped you fix the error.

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