Andre “Typical Gamer” Rebelo is a massive GTA 5 and Fortnite streamer. He started his channel in 2008 and now has a subscriber base of 11.7 million.

  Typical Gamer streams a lot of GTA content where he tries out different GTA 5 mods on his PC and gives his reactions to them. Here is a list of the best such mods he uses.

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  The Venom mod in GTA 5 gives players the ability to play as Venom, an iconic Spider-Man villain. He has been in Spider-Man movies, cartoons, and even various Spider-Man games.

  Along with the skin, the mod gives players superpowers like increased strength, super jump, and the ability to shoot webs and swing.

  The venom skin in this mod can also be replaced with other skins like the Venom movie skin, Spiderman 3 Venom skin, and the Carnage skin.

  Download the mod here


  The fishing mod in GTA 5 lets players catch marine life in the oceans of San Andreas.

  What they need to do is go to any general store in-game and purchase a fishing rod. After that, all fishing spots in the city will be marked on the in-game map.

  Once at the fishing spot, gamers must press the fishing key to start fishing. They can catch anything from sharks to humans and can also sell the fish they have acquired.

  This mod is excellent for role-playing in GTA 5 and is one of many daily job mods that allow players to role-play as citizens of Los Santos.

  Download the mod here


  The Zombie apocalypse mod turns the city of Los Santos into a post-apocalyptic city riddled with zombies.

  It is a survival mod in essence, so players need to keep resources like food and water in check. They also need to venture out to hunt for food and resources. Gamers can come across other survivors, some friendly, some not, so it is up to them to befriend survivors and build up their group.

  This mod also includes many little things like crafting items, vehicle health, vehicle repair, etc.

  Download the mod here


  The Doctor Strange mod lets players play as Doctor Strange in GTA 5. He is an iconic Marvel character who first appeared in the Doctor Strange comics and later made his MCU debut in 2016.

  Along with the skin, the mod also gives gamers the ability to use powers like astral projection and flying. It even has a fully functioning weapon wheel to switch between skills.

  Download the mod here


  The LSPDFR mod lets players play as a Los Santos Police Department officer in GTA 5.

  It lets them create their own character, who will then need to patrol the streets of Los Santos and arrest criminals. The mod includes animations for handcuffing suspects and taking them into custody.

  It has a shift system where one shift is eight hours of in-game time, and each time a shift is completed, the player’s rank increases. Those with higher ranks can access some previously locked features.

  This mod also has a few survival elements like refueling the police car and eating.

  Download the mod here

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  Note: This article reflects the author’s views.

  Edited by Ravi Iyer

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