The Elder Scrolls VI might be located in the northwestern province of High Rock, a mountainous and forested region that is home to the Bretons.

  By Kyle Gratton

  Published Jun 21, 2021


  Elder Scrolls' High Rock: Possible TES 6 Location Explained

  Bethesda seems to have the gaming community constantly at attention for news regarding the studio’s next RPG, and the still-years-away?The Elder Scrolls VI is no different. Even with?Starfield finally receiving a trailer and a release window, the excitement for?TES6 remains.?The last entry in?the storied?Elder Scrolls?series,?Skyrim, has been successful on virtually every platform since it released in 2011, but fans are eager to explore more of Tamriel, with the future announcement of?TES6’s location sure to be a popular discussion topic.

  With?The Elder Scrolls: Arena – the 1994 game that started it all – introducing players to the continent of Tamriel, the series has since been a tour of the continent, with each game letting players explore a new province. Interestingly, Bethesda has now potentially teased?TES6’s location in the new?Starfield?trailer?with an etching on the side of a spacecraft console, and it appears to be of areas already featured in?The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall.

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  Elder Scrolls' High Rock: Possible TES 6 Location Explained

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  The rudimentary map seems to show the regions of High Rock and Hammerfell, the two provinces surrounding the Iliac Bay – the coastal areas that the Hero of Daggerfall explored in?the second?Elder Scrolls game from 1996. When?Starfield?launches next year, letting players experience “Skyrim in space,”?TES6?will hopefully deliver?Skyrim’s?true sequel soon after.


  High Rock is located in the northwestern-most corner of Tamriel, and is much more geographically diverse than its arid neighbor across the Iliac Bay. The northern regions of High Rock are host to the Wrothgarian Mountains, which are covered in lush forests. The hilly, inland regions rise above the coasts in a plateau, offering plenty of land for smaller villages to prosper. Nearly all?major cities in High Rock, such as Daggerfall, lie along the coasts, with Iliac Bay and its connecting?Bjoulsae River being especially prosperous for trade.


  High Rock is home to the Bretons of Tamriel, a race of men with ancestral elven blood. Their relationship with elves give the Bretons an affinity for magic, and some even pointed ears to match their pale complexion. Many fiefdoms have risen and fallen in the history of High Rock, though the province is now a part of the Tamrielic Empire. Ancient fortresses dot the hills and mountains of High Rock, which the Empire fears may house rebellions similar to that in?Skyrim. If the hint in the?Starfield trailer turns out to be correct,?High Rock may be the setting of?The Elder Scrolls VI, potentially sharing a map with Hammerfell.


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