One of the neat and helpful additions to the game is having the ability to change the size of your primary and secondary buttons. This includes your on-screen analog stick and the weapon buttons on the other side. With mobile games, it’s always nice when you have good, responsive buttons.

  By changing the size of them in Armajet, it allows you to get more comfortable with the feel of them. You don’t need to worry about putting your thumbs on small extra-small or big buttons. You can adjust to the way that best suits your game and that can really improve anyone’s play.

  It may seem like a relatively small feature but in reality, it can be impactful for your game. Being comfortable is the key for most any game, and that starts with being confident with the controls. That’s one of the cool things about mobile is that, since buttons are on-screen, you can have the ability to make such changes from time to time and it’s definitely beneficial here.