1JayJSat 12th Oct 2019

  There’s a lot of these ugly looking bad horror games out there these days.



  2BenAVSat 12th Oct 2019

  This one was never on my radar as something that looked particularly interesting so this really doesn’t surprise me.



  3ParakaSat 12th Oct 2019

  Don’t worry, the PC one was never that great, either. It ain’t a Switch problem, it’s a developer problem.



  4NotTelevisionSat 12th Oct 2019

  Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth was pretty good, but I haven’t heard much positive about this one. The Sinking City looks worthwhile once it gets to the 15-20 dollar range.



  5terry93Sat 12th Oct 2019

  I was really looking forward to this one… Will wait for a sale, then, as I’m a Lovecraft diehard fan and I really want to try this and Sinking City.



  6X68000Sat 12th Oct 2019

  @Paraka The Switch is undoubtedly the home of the lazy port.

  Maybe The big N will start giving us more in house titles since they don’t develop for the 3DS anymore.



  7nessisonettSat 12th Oct 2019

  Pretty good attempt to address the inherent racism of Lovecraft’s work. I assume this is why most works aren’t straight adaptations but are instead ‘inspired’ such as Bloodborne and The Sinking City. Probably the way to do it, all things considered. The game looks pretty shoddy but it’s Focus, and I don’t expect a lot from them.



  8E_maniacSat 12th Oct 2019

  I hate that people place the racism card on lovecraft like it was rampant. It’s wasn’t. He had his moment but by no means was its constant or problematic. The game on xbone was cool if basic. Some good ideas and visuals at times but clunky controls held it back



  9DpullamSat 12th Oct 2019

  @NotTelevision Hell yes. At that price I would jump all over it.



  10KitchenerSat 12th Oct 2019

  Oh no, was hoping this would turn out good. Glad i waited for the review though.

  Maybe I’ll give The Sinking City a spin instead to fhtagn around a bit with Cthulhu in good old R’lyeh.



  11YorkshireNedSat 12th Oct 2019

  @E_maniac you hate that people play the “racism card: on Lovecraft? He feared and hated every other culture of the world. His mythos was born of it. It was his creative muse. He has plenty of peers who through no bad intentions pandered to racist stereotypes but weren’t actually racist people but with Lovecraft it is an incontrovertible fact. I’ll grant you spending a lengthy opening discussing this on a review of a video game based on a table top game based on his creations is egregious but so is to claim Lovecraft isn’t racist. Before you get angry, nobody is saying ban him and writers from many cultures around the world have taken inspiration from the worlds he created but from him being furious after walking through time square to his parodies of contemporary poets, his racism was on display and on the record. He took his own inspiration from his deep seated fear of the other and as we all know fear breeds loathing.



  12SpicyBurrito16Sat 12th Oct 2019

  I didn’t know about this game until I saw ads for this game popping up everywhere on this site. Huh.



  13Barbara001Sat 12th Oct 2019

  I was looking forward to this, but was already scared, because the original releases were also reviewed with bad grades. Also due to performance issues. Blast. Still want a new Eternal Darkness game and was so hopong this would be it. Darnit.



  14SabrewingSat 12th Oct 2019

  As far as tabletop horror gaming goes, I really hope a developer partners with Wizards of the Coast someday to produce a Betrayal at House on the Hill video game. They could even set it up such that multiplayer on multiple Switches gave each player a custom look at the board, to aid in hiding the activities of the traitor.

  And no, playing it in Tabletop Simulator is not the same thing. Stupid clunky interface.



  15alecseusSat 12th Oct 2019

  @E_maniac Lovecraft,apparently,hated everything and everyone. Including life as such.



  16MeloManSat 12th Oct 2019

  Many of these types of games I would’ve played if they were available in the drought-filled days of the Wii U, but I’m playing too many better experiences on Switch. We’re spoilt for choice.



  17SBandySat 12th Oct 2019

  Just re-release Eternal Darkness already Nintendo.



  18GrandScribeSat 12th Oct 2019

  I was so hoping it’d have gotten a better score, I need a new good cosmic horror game for Halloween guess Ill just play Eternal Darkness Sanity’s Requiem again.



  19darkswabberSat 12th Oct 2019

  I still want this game ever though it’s mediocre. I miss mediocre and mid tier games that were all over the place during gem 7 and 6. Any current gen game that can stop my mid tier game itch is a win in my books, no matter if they’re slightly under average, mediocre, okay, above average or just good.



  20vesemir0Sat 12th Oct 2019

  Well we are a few hours in to this and really enjoying it. Huge fan of the original Xbox game and so far engrossed in the world, even though it could do with a lick of paint visually. Only issue really has been the load times, but after Little Nightmares we’ve kinda gotten used to it if it happens. IGN have this an 8+ on other platforms and loved the atmosphere and story. So far I’m scoring 7-8. If you like horror or have an interest in Cthulhu then give it a go.



  21ChloceanSat 12th Oct 2019

  ”Just as Pierce stares into the abyss, we stared at our own personal abyss, which was our face’s reflection on the Nintendo Switch screen while stuck on one of Call of Cthulhu’s many lengthy loading screens.”

  Brilliantly-written article. Also, you just taught me about how terrible Lovecraft was a person.



  22KIROSat 12th Oct 2019

  I was hoping this would be good. I despise racism but love HPL.



  23KIROSat 12th Oct 2019

  @YorkshireNed dead on. I still enjoy his work and mythos but I’m under no illusion he was a misanthropic racist.



  24kreenSat 12th Oct 2019

  ”H.P. Lovecraft, who once referred to people of colour as a “beast filled with vice”.”

  Give me a break with the virtue-signalling. You could read 99 % of Lovecraft’s fiction and never even know what his personal views were — and these views were common among educated people in his days.

  Compare how his views didn’t impact his work with how today’s writers — who don’t have 1 % of his talent — can’t help inject their political, trendy views into everything they write — this review being a good example of this annoying trend.



  25TheDanslatorSat 12th Oct 2019

  ”Virtue signaling”, “injecting politics…” Yeesh.

  If you’re alright with it, just say so, but stop hiding behind your dog whistles and pretending it’s the rest of the world’s problem that you lack empathy.



  26shaneohSun 13th Oct 2019

  ”Doesn’t do anything that we’ve not seen before.”

  Made by Nintendo: 10/10

  Made by other: 5/10



  27MsJubileeSun 13th Oct 2019

  ”Call of Cthulhu is another attempt to wash away Lovecraft’s inherent racism” Was this necessary? People came for a review on Call Of Cthulu, not you talking about how racist and evil Lovecraft was.

  Everyone in this world has something evil in them, no one is a saint. Look inside your own closets everyone before you rip someone apart.



  28lordzandSun 13th Oct 2019

  Cue the outrage over a racist being called a racist.



  29MorrowSun 13th Oct 2019

  If a game is taking place back in older times, it wouldn’t make sense to have a PC filled world. That would be stupid, lol. It isn’t accurate. If Lovecraft was racist, then sounds like they are just being true to the narrative. Doesn’t mean the company is racist, lol.

  Racism is wrong, I agree, but in games? Eh….it’s a little harder to fight against. What if a company wants to make a racist char, for people to intentionally hate?

  You got problems with GTA too NintendoLife? That has murder, beating up strippers, running over old people, really anything.

  It’s just a game. Calm yo tits.



  30E_maniacSun 13th Oct 2019

  @YorkshireNed I’m not denying or doubting Lovecraft was racist, the years he operated especially in New England at the time very much conformed to his world view, not saying it is correct for a second by the way. I also don’t doubt the cthulhu mythos was based on his fears, insecurities and loathing of , well just about everyone really, but what i am saying is, it didn’t directly get referenced in his work anyway near as much as people like to say. I am aware of a few of his overtly racist poems and letters but to my recollection outside of The Horror Of Red Hook i do not believe it is referenced much, if at all.

  Not sure why nintendolife decided to devote so much column space to talk about it when it doesn’t affect the game in any way and rarely makes the views expressed in his stories



  31Sandro89Sun 13th Oct 2019

  Beginning a review by whining about racism. Yes this review gets a 2/10.



  32KochambraSun 13th Oct 2019

  @YorkshireNed I also hate when people “play the racism card on Lovecraft”, because I find it both tiresome and pointless.

  Many people who do so, seem to be just parroting the “online consensus” about Lovecraft without having ever read his works to come to their own conclusions. It seems like whenever Lovecraft’s name is mentioned, some people feel the irrepressible urge to remind everybody that this man who lived and died many decades ago was racist. Of course he was, and he probably was more racist than many people of his time. So what? It’s not like by buying books, movies or games inspired by his work, you’re giving him money to promote his toxic beliefs or donate to the KKK or whatever.

  And does his work “promote racism”? If you enjoy it, does it somehow mean that you’re a racist? No, I think neither of those statements is true.

  Yes, Lovecraft’s work as a horror writer was based on his own fears, fear of the unknown, fear of the other. But reducing that to “fear of people of other races” would be an extremely simplistic fallacy. You don’t have to fear people of other races to engage with Lovecraft’s work and it won’t magically turn you into a racist.

  As far as promoting racists viewpoints go, I’d argue that Lovecraft’s horror work is among the most innocuous. When this site has reviewed games based on the works of Ian Fleming, I don’t remember any mentions to how the game attempted to “wash away” Fleming’s inherent racism and sexism.

  Fleming’s James Bond is a hero, even if a broken one. An escapist wish fulfillment fantasy with a racist subtext (and occasionally, racist text). I think that such a kind of story would do much more to spread racist viewpoints than Lovecraft’s ever could.

  There’s very little that could be considered wish fulfillment in Lovecraft’s horror, and many of his protagonists are doomed from the start. I don’t think they promote racist views; but rather provide readers with a safe venue to tackle their own fears.

  That’s why I find this constant harping on his racism so tiresome and pointless.



  33igroz777Sun 13th Oct 2019

  @YorkshireNed I came for game review and met leftist trash -_-



  34RetroXombiSun 13th Oct 2019

  Is there racism in this game or are we just afraid that someone will boycott the site if you do not mention Lovecraft hated everyone? This new culture of trying to find the horrible in everything is getting out of hand.



  35JayvirSun 13th Oct 2019

  Why the multiple paragraphs on just slamming CoC because of Lovecraft? As a person intimately familiar with the tabletop game (I Keeper for it) it’s barely associated with Lovecraft. Sandy Petersen rewrote most of the theme for his own view. You can parrot racism and stuff like that but none of that is even present in the RPGs.



  36ParakaSun 13th Oct 2019

  @X68000 – They’ve been averaging just under a new game release a month. Name another company that has been able to do that. They already moved those teams to focus on Switch and it already shows. Releasing more can essentially cripple their own sales of previous games. Fire Emblem Warriors and Daemon X Machina have suffered being so close to Mario Odyssey and Link’s Awakening respecively.

  Activision and EA are essentially “bigger” and they haven’t pulled out that many in recent years.

  And neither of those things are the reason, nor excuse, as to why someone made a “lazy” port of a bad game. That’s entirely on the specific developers. You’re just finding an excuse to slam Nintendo, likely cause you have not had your favorite games release each week.

  @Kochambra – Also worth noting that protesting against Lovecraft no doesn’t punish Lovecraft. The whole idea and world now belong to the “us” as a community. A homosexual trans black person can use that same mythos to make their own game that also tackles the mind’s journey of self acceptance just as much as Blizzard made the cosmic horrors into the biggest MMOs out there. And neither can essentially be stopped from existing, but exist in their own entity.



  37tajr1982Sun 13th Oct 2019

  I am about 1/3 of the way through the game, I’ve enjoyed it thus far, it’s not perfect but it’s better than paying $60 for a game that isn’t even close to being this good which happens a lot more than I would like. If you like a good story and aren’t scared off by a few hiccups this will do just fine. My generation started the gaming craze, it’s a far cry from pong kiddos.



  38TheFoxSun 13th Oct 2019

  @shaneoh I can think of a lot of cases of NL doing that, although I wouldn’t be too quick to dismiss the negative review. I considered buying this on the PS4, but the reviews for that system were pretty mediocre. I can’t imagine it got any better during its transition to Switch.



  39YorkshireNedSun 13th Oct 2019

  @E_maniac I would definitely agree it is rarely referenced in his main body of work. I don’t think people generally view the main mythos work as racist, just the man himself. If anyone tries to claim the stories themselves are all racist then they’ve not read them.



  40YorkshireNedSun 13th Oct 2019

  @Kochambra Please believe me, I sincerely dont believe reading Lovecraft makes you racist or could make you racist. I am a huge fan of his work and read my original omnibus until it broke up. I have no problem separating art from artist. However, it does make me cringe immensely to see people try and claim Lovecraft isnt racist. I think the man himself would probably have cringed to see people claim he wasn’t. He had some strong beliefs and he wasn’t ashamed of them. There’s no ambiguity in it. Of course, as I said originally, it doesn’t really merit being the opening points of a review of a video game based on a table top game based on his worlds but it is what it is.



  41YorkshireNedSun 13th Oct 2019

  @igroz777 Well, you certainly felt it inspiring enough to create a new profile and greet me. Hello!



  42ScollurioSun 13th Oct 2019

  Lovecraft-bashing is lazy. We know he was a racist. So what? Different times. I rather judge an artist by his art and not by his political views. We should probably burn bibles and other religious texts too because those are ripe with even worse stuff compared to modern views. About the game: never had high hopes unfortunately.



  43ScollurioSun 13th Oct 2019

  @alecseus Thats more inclusive than the ultra-leftist PCs manage to pull of today. So yay?



  44igroz777Sun 13th Oct 2019

  @YorkshireNed hi! I’ve been visiting this site for a long time but never had the drive to sign up. But your comment finally gave me the push. MAGA bro peace



  45YorkshireNedMon 14th Oct 2019

  @igroz777 well, it’s an honour to be such an inspiration to you. Thanks for reading



  46For7una7oThu 17th Oct 2019

  Played this on the PS4 and enjoyed it. Not amazing but good. Worth a playthrough if you are a Lovecraft fan. I’d give it a 7/10 on PS4. Cant speak for the Switch version though.



  47bert0503Mon 7th Sep 2020

  I really enjoyed this game. The only issue with the load times that I had was when traveling to and away from missions, which doesn’t happen much. This is a must-play for fans of Murdered: Soul Suspect or Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & Punishments. There is always a niche market for this type of game.


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