¡¡¡¡Saint Seiya Game News: 5 Games You Must Have To Do If You Are A Fan Of The Knights Of The Zodiac Posted 5/30/2021 3:50 PM Updated 5/30/2021 3:46 PM Video fun adaptation page, force is It should be noted that Saint Seiya, masterpiece by Masami Kurumada, was not as spoiled as its then competitor Dragon Ball Z. Even so, the franchise with the timeless aura bears testimony to some customizations that are worth it. So that¡¯s why we offer you a small selection of some games with which you can revive your cosmos!

¡¡¡¡The Gatcha, available for IOS and Android, is certainly one of the best adaptations in the series. Indeed, not only does Saint Seiya Awakening benefit from careful artistic guidance in the modeling of the knights, the artwork, the sets or the soundtrack that takes up the themes of the animated series, Saint Seiya Awakening has something that seduces all the nostalgic as well as the curious . In terms of story mode, the latter traces the manga¡¯s three arcs, although the exclusive Asgard arc is not available for the anime, the title emphasizes forgotten stories of the franchise that could not be answered in the various animated adaptations. In addition, the game is fully translated into French and benefits from the Japanese and French synchronization, especially for the user interface. As far as gameplay goes, the centerpiece lies in the clashes between six knights, both PVP and PVE. Roughly speaking, the goal is to achieve complementary team compositions to overcome the weaknesses of each individual knight, with each knight having 3 to 4 skills including liabilities. Despite the title¡¯s gatcha genre, it¡¯s still accessible and you don¡¯t have to pay a large sum to have fun! So if you still hesitate, don¡¯t hesitate and ¡­ go! On the subject of matching items :

¡¡¡¡The latest console episode retraces the entire plot by adapting the exclusive Asgard arc to match the anime adaptation for the first time. The app is a 3D fighting game in the continuity of Brave Soldiers that was released on the previous generation. The title is closer to the Naruto Storm series than to the episodes of Sanctuary and Hades released on PlayStation 2. On the gameplay side, the battles are essentially based on the management of the cosmos, in order to trigger special knight-specific attacks for a ¡°cosmos rush¡± like the ¡°chakra rush¡± of Naruto Storm, the list of attacks has been revised upwards and used the movements are pleasant despite a sometimes capricious camera. In short, we find the combos, teleportation and other bursts of blows that give the fights a certain dynamic without making them ¡°ultra¡± technical. Soldier¡¯s Souls is far from perfect, but it still has perks to please fans of the saga. The app introduces a new mode, including the Golden Battle, which allows you to control the Golden Knights in their divine armor, introduced via the Soul of Gold anime. With 72 playable characters (including duplicates) including Knights of Asgard for the first time, decent production and soundtrack, Soldier¡¯s Souls is certainly Saint Seiya¡¯s best home console and PC adaptation.

¡¡¡¡The Battle for Sanctuary, available on PlayStation 3, is a Beat¡¯em All adaptation of the manga. Story mode focuses on our brave bronze knights crossing the twelve houses of the zodiac to save Athena. The formula is closer to a Dynasty Warriors and we spend more time romping around with the Grand Pope¡¯s minions than with the legendary Golden Knights. So you take turns playing the role of the five bronze knights, each with a different development plan. The game has a system of experience points and skill points that must be distributed in order to increase your power or get various bonuses. Boss fights are undoubtedly the strength of the title and awakening your seventh sense will be essential against the Golden Knights. Your goal will be to manage your cosmos to open a breach and inflict a super attack on you, the Big Bang attack, on opponents. Although the challenge depends on the level of difficulty chosen, the clashes with scenes from the anime are more than noticeable and provide dynamism and immersion. The game also has a co-op mode that is anecdotal and reserved for specific missions. Saint Seiya: The Battle of the Sanctuary is therefore another adaptation of the Sanctuary arc which, while imperfect, has the merit of trying something different by appealing to both manga fans and beat players.

¡¡¡¡Released on PlayStation 2 in 2006, Saint Seiya: Hades follows on from Saint Seiya: The Sanctuary, which was released on the same console a few years earlier. As the name suggests, this adaptation includes the Hades arc, the final chapter of the manga. The app is a 3D fighting game with no less than 49 playable characters, including the ghosts of Hades and the knights of Athena, who are equipped with their respective divine armor. Saint Seiya: Hades is aimed at die-hard fans of the manga, the graphics are acceptable, but the cutscenes are poorly done and don¡¯t pay homage to the saga¡¯s best arc. However, the gameplay has been vastly improved compared to the first opus, with a number of attacks intelligently reworked and smoother movements that pay homage to the anime¡¯s hectic clashes. The title also features multiple game modes including a story mode to relive the Hades saga, a versus mode, 1000 days, a legend mode that functions as an arcade mode, eternal combat and flash combat modes , which are Survival and Time Attack, respectively, and finally the Knights Rest, which includes various cosmetic bonuses. Once again, without being great, the title is mostly aimed at fans and is still fun. On the subject of matching items :

¡¡¡¡Released exclusively in Japan, the PSP title is an adaptation of Saint Seiya¡¯s sequel, Saint Seiya Omega, set ten years after the original manga ended. Story mode features a story specially developed for the game with Poseidon and Sorrento from the mermaid. Fearing that they will disappear, Seiya and Saori ask Poseidon, the emperor of the seas, for help to help Koga, the new knight of Pegasus, and his companions in their fight against the god Mars, the antagonist of the animated series Omega. Saint Seiya: Omega Ultimate Cosmos features 24 playable characters, including Seiya and some of his comrades, Poseidon and his knights, and the new golden knights. The fights take place on a 3D airplane that offers three-dimensional movement, with the first to arrive with two winning rounds winning the fight. In terms of playability, the game is inspired by PlayStation 2 episodes and the inputs are simple with: the cross key to jump, square and circle to hit, triangle fights, the R trigger to grab the opponent, and finally L to to charge his cosmos which obviously have to be used with care in order to triumph over any opponent. As for the game mode, the software has nothing to envy the PlayStation 2 episodes by offering different modes, including the story mode, where you can choose between the scenario of seven characters (Koga, Soma, Yuna, Ryuho, Haruto, Eden and Seiya), which consists of chained battles created with dialogue scenes in visual novel style and cutscenes in 2D animation and modes for fighting games like Arcade, Versus, Multiplayer, etc. Note that it is possible to use the important Check cutscenes via theater mode. From C1R14, writing from jeuxvideo.com MP