10 Great-Looking Games You Didn’t Know Were Coming To PlayStation 5 In 2021

  By Thomas Heath

  Published Apr 19, 2021


  The PlayStation 5 has a number of great-looking titles coming out in 2021 like Sifu and Stray. Which are you most hype for?


  A new console generation always brings a new set of great-looking games from?newly created IPs, with developers and publishers trying to use the latest hardware to create refreshing experiences for players.

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  From adventure games to RPGs, the PS5 is set to receive a load of great games in 2021, and some of them you’ve likely not even heard of. Here are some of the games set to grace the PlayStation 5 in 2021, let’s just hope players won’t have to deal with any more delays on these titles.


  Kena Bridge of Spirits Forest

  Kena: Bridge of Spirits is a third-person, action-adventure game in which players are put into the shoes of a young spirit guide known as Kena. It’s set in a mysterious forgotten village, and players will be tasked with collecting spirits known as “the rot” in order to solve puzzles and defeat enemies to restore the world to its old state.

  Kena has a gorgeous art style, too, and the stunning visuals of the world of the game are a great example of the?graphics next-gen systems are going to be able to produce going forward. Even the?character design is top-tier, with both friends and foe looking great and fitting in exceptionally well with the game’s art style.


  Praey for the Gods takes Shadow of the Colossus’ boss climbing formula and brings it into a fantasy world trapped in a never-ending winter. Players will have to survive by hunting, building equipment, and taking down anything which gets in their way. All of this in a wide-open world ready to explore from the start.

  Praey for the Gods also promises a Breath of the Wild approach to exploration, allowing players to grapple, swim and glide around its world as they see fit. It offers players a 10-15 hour main story, packed full of boss encounters to tackle too.

  Solar Ash Rei

  Solar Ash is the next game from Heart Machine, creators of the indie mega-hit Hyper Light Drifter, so expect great things from their latest project. Rei, the protagonist of the game, is a voidrunner who is tasked with stopping the “Ultravoid” from destroying her world.

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  The game’s combat is focused on fluidity and speed, matching the themes of the general gameplay too, with Rei also being able to use a grapple tool and climb walls. Solar Ash looks visually stunning, and a worthy second game for Heart Machine.


  Stray Cyberpunk Street

  Stray is a game set in a cyberpunk city, full of robots and cyborgs, so naturally, players are put in control of a stray cat wandering around this city. Players will be tasked with getting to the bottom of the mystery within the city, in order to find a way home.

  Eventually, players will befriend a drone known as B12 that brings its own new elements of gameplay to explore. Ultimately though, a cat is a cat, and Stray is more than happy to let players goof around and annoy the characters of the strange city.

  Edge of Eternity Daryon

  Set in a world where a mysterious invader wages war against the Heryon people, Edge of Eternity is a JRPG with turn-based combat and a deep, choice-driven narrative. It also has a soundtrack featuring Yasunori Mitsuda, composer for the Xenoblade series as well as Chrono Trigger.

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  The world of Heryon is full of unique environments to discover and explore, offering over 40 hours of gameplay to get through. Players also get to use a giant cat-like creature as a mount, instantly making it a worthwhile purchase.


  Cris Tales Crisbell

  Cris Tales is a love letter to classic RPGs with a gorgeous art style to boot. Across over 20 hours of gameplay, players will have the opportunity to explore branching story paths that affect the past and future of each of Crystallis’ regions.

  Turn-based combat makes use of the game’s unique time travel mechanic, creating multi-layered battles with actions in the past and future altering the outcome of encounters.?There’s even an airship to travel around in!


  Sifu is not only an amazing-looking kung fu game, but it also has an incredibly unique death mechanic. Rather than dying, Sifu’s main character simply grows slightly older and carries on with the adventure players are already on.

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  Whilst Sifu will primarily focus on kung fu combat, it isn’t afraid to let players play dirty, with environmental elements being?able to be brought into any combat encounter. The story is a mystery as of now, but Sifu is shaping up to be a sleeper hit in 2021.


  Scarlet Nexus Cast

  Scarlet Nexus is an action RPG set in near future, alternative reality human society under attack from creatures known as ‘the Others’. Players will have to defend the rest of humanity against the Others, using sword combat as well as telekinetic powers to?eliminate the threat.

  It certainly has an epic premise and utilises a gorgeous anime-like visual style that really serves the game’s world and characters well. There’s also a ton of customisation available too, with hundreds of outfits for players to use on the game’s numerous characters.

  Little Devil Inside

  Little Devil Inside is all about an explorer’s adventures in a world full of supernatural creatures and experiences. Its developers have described the game as an action-adventure game with some survival elements sprinkled on top. Players will have the chance to make use of a wide range of tools including swords, grappling hooks, bombs, and the more mundane, camping equipment.

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  There will also be a large variety in the game’s locations, deserts, forests, mountains, and the deep sea all being explorable throughout the game’s story. The minimalist visual style is designed to limit the UI players have to deal with and immerse them in the environments of Little Devil Inside.


  Ghostwire Tokyo Combat

  99% of the population of Tokyo is missing, and in the void left by humans, strange spirits have appeared all over the city. Ghostwire: Tokyo has a pretty interesting story going on, and the game puts players right into the position of figuring out just what has actually happened.

  The game uses a first-person viewpoint and is heavily focused on magic-based combat system that uses combos in order to execute different attacks and actions. Not much is known of what else to expect in Ghostwire: Tokyo, but one thing the developers have confirmed is that petting dogs is included, much to the relief of the internet.

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