A Kingdom Hearts 3 player recently developed a mod that replaces Sora with The Legend of Zelda’s Link, who faces Mario in a boss battle.

  By Brianna Reeves

  Published Apr 19, 2021


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  A Kingdom Hearts III?mod replaces protagonist Sora with The Legend of Zelda’s Link, then pits him against Mario in an action-packed boss battle. Nearly 15 years after the release of Kingdom Hearts II, publisher?Square?Enix finally unleashed the third mainline entry?in early 2019. Fans were given plenty to sink their teeth into once the lengthy wait ended, though, given that Kingdom Hearts III?counts?among?the longest games?in the series.

  Even after dropping dozens of hours into the story campaign and side objectives, players had more content to look forward to, courtesy of updates and a DLC expansion. One particular update, launched in April of 2019, allowed players to access the Critical Mode difficulty for free. This extra-challenging difficulty option also added three extra?abilities to Sora’s arsenal of skills. Meanwhile, the Re:Mind?DLC that Square Enix released in early 2020 ushered in new boss battles, fresh story content, and the ability to switch between characters. But what if the character switching option in the Re:Mind expansion?took things to another level of crossover madness?


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  A YouTuber named junior recently shared footage of their Kingdom Hearts III PC mod, which sees Link take the place of series protagonist Sora. The Legend of Zelda hero wields Sora’s keyblade in Peach’s Castle Arena and even fights a modded version of another beloved?Nintendo mascot – Mario. Interestingly, Link’s battle against Mario comes in the form of a pretty action-packed boss fight. In a text card at the start of the video, junior notes that the mode itself is a “proof of concept” that functions only through the Mod Menu. As such, nothing on display in the video is final as of yet.


  This counts as just one of the many Legend of Zelda-related mods that have made the rounds of late. One such mod recently recreated Ocarina of Time levels in The Wind Waker, for example. Meanwhile, a Breath of the Wild VR mod picked up steam a few weeks ago due to its impressive first-person and third-person perspective options.

  Fans don’t need a Kingdom Hearts III mod to pit Link and Mario against one another, however. That much and more is possible in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Yet, despite the myriad possibilities with regards to playable characters, fans are still hoping?Nintendo will?eventually release a third Fighter’s Pass.


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  Kingdom Hearts III is out now on PC via the Epic Games Store, PS4, and Xbox One.

  Source: junior/YouTube


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