The Battle for Berlin is on in Enlisted, as the game’s third campaign has shifted from a paid closed beta experience to a free open beta for everyone. The campaign features several iconic locations from the latter days of the war and arrives alongside the new season for Darkflow Software and Gaijin Entertainment’s WW2 shooter.

  The campaign has been expanded from its closed beta days, offering 11 new levels of advancement for squads, which add flamethrowers and new automatic weapons fighter planes, some of which can be viewed in an update logs from earlier in the week. The battle pass for the new season has also been changed from the previous version, with new types of orders, new weapons, and unique soldiers and vehicles being added to the pool of silver orders and in-game gold that were present in the first season’s pass.

  To celebrate the new season, you can view Twitch streams this weekend to receive silver and bronze orders, as well as two days of premium time via Twitch Drops. You can earn the drops until 9 a.m. Pacific time on Monday, June 28 by watching streams with drops enabled.