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  Season 4 for Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War and Warzone is on the horizon, and Activision’s roadmap reveals all the upcoming new maps, Operators, and weapons.

  The release date for the update is June 17th and one of the fresh zombie-infested playgrounds fans can expect is Mauer der Toten. This is the next chapter in the Cold War zombies saga, and it promises to be another spectacle for players to enjoy.

  While fans always love gunning down hordes of undead, there’s plenty more to anticipate from the upcoming patch.

  CALL OF DUTY: Update size and start time for Warzone Season 4

  Season Four Gameplay Trailer | Call of Duty?: Black Ops Cold War & Warzone?



  Season Four Gameplay Trailer | Call of Duty?: Black Ops Cold War & Warzone?





  There will be four new maps to enjoy in Black Ops Cold War with the arrival of Collateral (12v12) and Collateral Strike (6v6) at launch. This takes players underneath the scorching desert sun of Algeria, and there will be a village alongside a large oil drill operation with surrounding drones.

  Amsterdam (2v2, 3v3) is another new map at launch, and it is said to be a close-quarters playground built for Gun Fight and Face Off. Hijacked (6v6) will also be available at launch and it takes place on a superyacht deep in international waters. Long-time Call of Duty fans will recognise it from Black Ops II.

  Another returning map from Black Ops II is Rush (6v6) which will become available in-season. In addition to all the above, there will also be new and returning multiplayer modes with Multi-Team Sat-Link (launch), One in the Chamber (launch), Capture the Flag (in-season).

  The new Operators for Warzone and Black Ops Cold War Season 4 are Jackal (launch), Salah (in-season), and Weaver (in-season). Activision have provided details about all three soldiers.

  Jackal, as part of the Warsaw Pact, is a South African native who wears a metal mask. He will be available at tier 0 in the Battle Pass and fans will be able to unlock an additional Ultra-Rarity skin for him at tier 100.

  Salah is one of NATO’s finest who acts as a counterterrorism and Hostage Rescue expert for Egypt’s elite unit 77. Lastly, Weaver is another NATO character, and he us a Clandestine Service Officer who ‘straddles both sides of the Cold War divide’.

  Long-time Call of Duty fans will recognise both him and his skin based on his original Black Ops incarnation.


  The Season 4 roadmap for Call of Duty Warzone and Black Ops Cold War is as follows:


  Map update – Satellite Crash Sites

  New modes – Payload, Verdanks Resurgence Mini

  New Gulag – Hijacked

  New vehicle – Dirt Bike

  Red doors

  Weapons, Operators, and more

  New Operators – Jackal, Salah, Weaver

  New Scorestreak – Hand Cannon

  New Prestige Levels

  New Season Event – Groundfall

  New weapons

  Nail Gun

  OTS 9


  MG 82



  New multiplayer maps

  Collateral (6v6, 12v12)

  Amsterdam (2v2, 3v3)

  Hijacked (6v6)

  Rush (6v6)

  New modes

  One in the Chamber

  Multi-Team Sat-Link

  Capture the Flag


  New Outbreak region – Zoo

  New Outbreak Quest – Operation Excision

  New Map – Mauer der Toten

  Check out the Call of Duty website for more information.

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