Battlefield is a series of first-person shooters developed primarily by EA DICE, and has been one of the longest-running video game series of the past few generations. The series began in 2002 and has since grown into arguably one of the most popular shooter franchises of all time, rivaling only Call of Duty as the biggest in the world. Over the past few years, Battlefield has become known for its take on massive scale warfare, often featuring huge lobbies of players and giant maps that allow for some incredible fights to break out.

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  Alongside the large-scale battles, the Battlefield series is also known best for its destructible environments. Ever since the release of Battlefield 1942, the series has leaned heavily into the ability to knock down buildings, blow walls apart to create new entryways, and more. Recently, the newest entry in the Battlefield series, Battlefield 2042, was shown off at E3 2021, and looks every bit as grand as the series has always been.

  Not too much is known about the upcoming Battlefield Mobile, but it is important to note that DICE has said what they hope the game can achieve. In their initial announcement of the game, the company said that with the game being designed specifically for mobile platforms, their goal was to create a fully-fledged, skill-based experience for mobile players. Battlefield is often known for its more realistic aspects of warfare, so it wouldn’t be too shocking to see a mobile version of the game try and emulate that in some way.

  As the game will be competing with the likes of Call of Duty Mobile, PUBG: Mobile, and other mobile shooters, it’ll be interesting to see if DICE leans into the more short-burst gameplay style of its competitors. Console and PC matches of Battlefield can often last a long time, and mobile players can’t really afford to spend upwards of 45 minutes battling it out on one giant map. However, Battlefield is also known for these experiences, so it’ll be up to DICE and Industrial Toys to try and strike a careful balance in how the game feels.

  As mentioned above, it’s unknown exactly just how much the mobile version of Battlefield wil differ from its console and PC counterpart. Because the console and PC version of the game is so grand in scale, however, it’s more than likely that the mobile version will have to be different in some form.

  DICE has already mentioned that the hope for Battlefield Mobile is to create a “skill-based” experience for players. While this could mean that the company hopes to have a general skill floor for players of all experiences, it could also hint a bit at what the developers are looking to accomplish. Taking the world of Battlefield and shrinking it down into a more competitive experience while trying to keep their epic scale could work, in theory. DICE has also mentioned that Battlefield Mobile will be its own standalone product, and a “completely different” one than any of the current Battlefield iterations.

  This makes it seem like DICE is well aware that it can’t possibly port over the full Battlefield experience to mobile devices, but will instead be focusing on making the best mobile version of the game they can. There’s some precedent for mobile shooters finding success with the recent releases of Call of Duty Mobile and PUBG: Mobile, but those games are way different than Battlefield in how they play and the types of players that flock to the games.

  Currently, no information regarding a release date for Battlefield Mobile has been revealed beyond a 2022 release date. When the game was initially announced, DICE mentioned that they were hoping to get players into a testing period for the game ahead of its launch next year.

  With the game likely still in the very early stages of development, don’t expect too much news or updates from EA DICE until they’re fully ready to get players into the world of Battlefield Mobile