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  Dungeons and Dragons Dark Alliance comes out in less than 24-hours, and some fans are confused about whether there is crossplay and cross platform multiplayer.

  Described as a the ‘perfect co-op dungeon crawler for Xbox Game Pass,’ fans should know that co-op is only online at launch. The developers are hoping to implement couch co-op in time for the free summer DLC, but you won’t be able to slay hordes of enemies next to your significant other or mate on the same couch on release day.

  Although the omission of couch co-op at launch is disappointing, there’s still plenty to be excited about thanks to addictive gameplay and memorable bosses.

  DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS: Dark Alliance release time for all platforms

  Dark Alliance – Official Gameplay Overview Trailer



  Dark Alliance – Official Gameplay Overview Trailer






  The four playable characters in Dungeons and Dragons Dark Alliance come from author R.A. Salvatore:

  Drizzt Do’Urden



  Bruenor Battlehammer

  Each of them will have unique playstyles and customisable abilities, and this will add plenty of replay value whether you plan to enjoy the game alone or with mates.

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  Welcome to Dark Alliance — a nonstop, heart-pounding, kill-everything-that-moves action brawler with co-op.

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  — Dark Alliance (@DarkAlliance) June 20, 2021

  Dungeons and Dragons Dark Alliance does have cross platform multiplayer and crossplay between PC and Xbox. There is only cross-gen play between PS4 and PS5.

  Confusion in the fanbase stems from a Twitter Q&A back in April when the developers suggested that only cross-gen between PS4 and PS5, Xbox One and Series X was possible. However, the head director of Tuque Games’, Jeff Hatem, has since posted that there is crossplay between PC and console at launch for Xbox.

  Cross platform multiplayer will not be possible at launch for PlayStation gamers, and this is disappointing news. Borderlands 3 also doesn’t allow the ability to play with Xbox on PlayStation, and all of this comes despite Sony’s Jim Ryan claiming to support the feature.

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  In other news, What time does Dark Alliance come out? Release time for PS4, PC and Xbox One