VR sci-fi platformer, Yupitergrad, will be swooping onto PSVR and Oculus Quest early next year.

  Developer Gamedust today confirmed that its new title — recently launched on PC VR — will be hitting both headsets in January 2021. And, yes, that’s an official release on Quest according to the developer. In Yupitergrad, you swing through a series of levels set on a space station. It’s a sort of VR platformer in which you need to navigate obstacles and master physics in order to survive. Check out the trailer below.

  Before the game comes to new platforms, though, there are some free updates to talk about. For starters, there’s the Custom Controls update, which will let players enable smooth rotation or turn the rotation feature off entirely, along with some button mapping additions.

  Also on the way, though, is a free content update with a new Time Attack mode. This features a series of maps both revamped from the game’s campaign and all-new levels, challenging players to get to the end as quickly as possible. Leaderboards are being inserted for bragging rights, too.

  We’ve spent a little time playing Yupitergrad and the concept is definitely engaging and there’s an art style to match, too. We haven’t fought through all of its levels yet, though. It definitely feels like it could thrive on Quest, where the lack of wires will make twisting and turning a much easier process.

  Will you be picking up Yupitergrad on PSVR or Quest? Let us know in the comments below!