While the Templars might be the nominal villains of the Assassin’s Creed series, sometimes they have ended up doing the right thing.

  By Amber Boutwell

  Published Apr 29, 2021



  The Templars are the main enemies of the Assassin’s Creed game series. The Templars’ main goal is to establish a perpetual peace at the cost of humanity’s free will. The Assassins stand firmly against the Templar’s plan. Many of the templars have become twisted and corrupted by their end goal.

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  The Assassins often have to stop the Templars from doing horrible things. The Templars are willing to?maintain their control no matter what the cost. There have been a handful of Templars who stand out from their evil counterparts. While some Templars have made?the occasional good decisions, other Templars have actually been good people.


  assassin's creed

  Melanie was incredibly two-faced. To the public, she came across as a kind and caring person. Secretly, she was a Templar who only showed her true self when safely surrounded by her allies.

  Melanie seemed to genuinely care for the people who worked under her, despite them not being Templars. She didn’t want to isolate her team. She seemed genuinely worried about their well-being. She encouraged a research analyst to join the Order. She knew that if the researcher refused, the researcher would be killed.


  assassin's creed

  Edward Kenway began as a somewhat selfish pirate. He was more interested in himself and his own personal fortune. When he began aiding the Templars, it looked like he might eventually end up joining the Order.

  Instead, he ended up switching sides. He went from working with the Templars for money to aiding the Assassins for the benefit of mankind. Edward would remain loyal to the Assassins until the end of his life, training his son to become an Assassin.


  assassin's creed

  Haytham had initially been trained by his father to become an Assassin. When Edward passed away, Haytham ended up in the hands of the Templars. He rose through the ranks of the Templars, eventually becoming the highest-ranking Templar in the American colonies.

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  He had a son with a Native American woman that would eventually be known as Connor. When Connor was arrested and thrown in jail, Haytham would campaign for him to be executed. Haytham would ultimately help his son escape and save Connor’s life. Haytham’s actions would aid in the downfall of the Templars in America.

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  Crawford Starrick was?the?highest-ranking member of the Templar order working in England. When the Frye twins arrived in London, they had their hearts set on?dismantling Crawford’s organization.

  Templar associate, Maxwell Roth, decided to ally himself with the Frye twins. Maxwell had hoped Crawford’s loss of power would benefit himself. While his intentions were ultimately selfish, he still managed to help the Assassins disrupt the Templars.?He offered a helping hand to aid against the Templar order.


  AC origins Layla Hassan in front of white pyramid

  After the death of Desmond Miles, Layla became the main character in the?current day gameplay. Layla had originally been an employee of Abstergo Industries. Despite her incredible innovations to the Animus, she was never allowed to use the machine.

  Working with her best friend, Layla?secretly began working with an Animus. Her defiance of Abstergo ended with her becoming a target of the Templars. Layla was ultimately forced to join the Assassins. She aided them in locating Atlantis and gaining control over the Staff of Hermes.

  assassin's creed

  Francois was a high-ranking member of the Templar Order. He worked to establish peace with the Parisian branch of the Brotherhood. After Charles Dorian was killed, Francois adopted Charles’s son.

  He raised Arno Dorian as his own son. He seemed to support the close relationship Arno formed with his daughter. Arno and Elise thought so highly of Francois that they worked together to avenge his death. Francois seemed to be an uncommonly kind among Templars.


  Desmond Miles son

  Elijah was the son of Desmond Miles. Desmond had started a relationship with Elijah’s mother after he ran away from the Assassins. Unfortunately, Desmond would never learn of his son’s existence. When Elijah’s mother took him to a Templar-owned medical clinic, Abstergo managed to get a look at his DNA.

  The Templars instantly recognized the importance of Elijah. The group initially wanted to kidnap the boy right away. The Templar, Isabelle Ardant, objected to taking the boy and treating him inhumanely. At least for a little while, Isabelle kept Elijah out of the Templar’s hands.

  Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood - Lucy Stillman

  Lucy was born into the Assassin Brotherhood. She was cut off from the Assassins when she was asked to infiltrate Abstergo Industries. She had proven herself to be a loyal employee until the Templars’ managed to capture Desmond Miles.

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  Under the guise that she was helping the Assassins, she helped Desmond Miles escape from Abstergo. Unknown to the Assassins, Lucy had switched sides. Though she had decided to side with the Templars, she still deeply cared about Desmond. She did her best to help him whenever she could.


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  Elise’s father was a high-ranking member of the Templar Order. She was raised around the Order and trained to be a Templar from a young age. After the death of Elise’s father, the Templar Order was split into two factions.

  When Elise’s allies within the Order were killed by the opposing faction, she was forced to turn to the Assassins for help. Elise begins to work with the Brotherhood to help take down some of the Templars operating in France.

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  Shay Cormac was originally a member of the Assassin Brotherhood. He was somewhat mistreated by his fellow assassins, though he had a good relationship with Liam O’Brien.

  When Shay discovers that one of the Assassins’ plans will result in the deaths of many people, he defects to the Templars. He begins working with the Templars to help stop the Assassins. Ironically, Shay’s actions end up with him being the only person who?cares about the Assassin’s Creed.

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