Kolkata: Health consciousness has forced Fossils to cancel their comeback concert on May 22 at the back lawns of Nicco Park. The rock band had last performed on March 7, 2020, in front of 3,000 listeners at PC Chandra Gardens.

  According to Rupam, the frontman of Fossils, “We have valued safety over everything else for the past one year. Four out of five members in the band have home loans going. Yet, we decided not to do shows till recently when things seemed to be improving.”

  The band members started rehearsing at their own pad following all safety protocols for a very special comeback show with a three-hour-long solo Fossils act. But the spike in numbers prompted them to rethink and wait till the situation is better. “With the current situation we have once again decided to cancel this show. For us, the safety of our fans/friends and family is above everything else,” he added.

  Other bands are also walking the same path. Bickram Ghosh has a tour of Tanzania with his Rhythmscape band. “But I cancelled that tour in June. Besides, I also three or four fusion shows lined up. All of them have been cancelled,” Ghosh said. With the way the numbers are rising, he has consciously chosen heath over money.

  Bhoomi too has followed suit. “The last live show was on April 9. We have decided not to do any offline concerts now,” said Bhoomi’s frontman Soumitra Ray. So is it with Cactus. Since January, the band has done six physical shows. “Two physical shows slotted in April were cancelled because permissions were not granted during the elections. However, now we don’t want to land in a soup and do physical concerts,” said Cactus frontman Sidhu.

  Gaurab Chatterjee, the founder member and drummer of Lakhhichhara, has also decided to cancel all concerts and recordings. “I was organizing a weekly show of Bangla songs at Someplace Else for the past two months. The last show I did was on April 23. After that, I didn’t step out of home,” he said. Post-May, he will take a call on how to go forward.

  On April 19, Chandrabindoo did an offline show at Uttam Manch. “Henceforth, we will not do any physical show,” said Anindya Chattopadhyay, the frontman of Chandrabindoo.

  Replicating last year’s model, many musicians are now contemplating about doing Facebook live shows. However, free digital concerts had generated a controversy last year within the fraternity with many arguing that it had done more harm than good to the profession.

  Ray had done 118 FB lives during the lockdown, 114 of which were done on consecutive days. He is keen to resume that. But will he be doing those live shows for free? “Why not? It’s just one song per half hour session and a lot of adda which our fans love to listen to. This is a way of keeping in touch with those who made us,” he said.